Every musical piece featured on Gospel Song Union is paired with a unique visual. Whether these be photos, graphics, or animations, they serve as a second medium to further the song's proclamation. Below are the contributing artists.

Jonny ashcroft

Jonny Ashcroft is an illustrating designer currently based out of Portland, Oregon but originally hailing from Northern New Mexico. He currently presides as the Senior Designer and resident DJ to Factory North, branding and design studio. 



I’m a big fan of coffee dates with my wife, the great outdoors, hiking, good music, sunny days, last minute trips, and Apple products. I love Jesus, my wife, photography [obviously], playing music, traveling, experiencing new cultures, my family, and helping others.



My photographic inspiration relies on his surroundings: people, dirt roads, floral and fauna. These photographs capture a natural sense of adventure while breathing in a warm pallet of colors that produce an ambient nostalgia of explorations past.