Hi, I’m Brian. You’re reading this because you want to know more about our band, The Sing Team. So let me tell you our story...

We started The Sing Team in 2011, when I invited friends and family to join us for regular gatherings at our home. We’d share meals together and sing songs, and as we began to write and arrange music, it became clear that we were stumbling upon something special: uniquely motown-inspired grooves and showtune-influenced orchestration as accompaniment for our “everybody-sing-along-now” campy group vocals. 

That musical backdrop really helped us rediscover a lost purpose of folk music—the gathering of humans to sing songs as an outpouring of their souls. When this happens, the stage becomes insignificant, and the difference between performer, participant, and listener is indistinguishable.

I’ve spent almost two decades producing recordings and performing with other bands like Citizens & Saints, Kings KaleidoscopeDustin Kensrue, and others. My goal in supporting other artists has always been to help them find their voice; the unique message and means of delivering that message is different for all of us. I've found mine among the friends and family of The Sing Team.

After a hiatus of several years, I asked the original members of The Sing Team and a few new friends to join me in recording a new album—our first full length—that we have called “Sing On!”. It features purposeful hymns that we have sung at weddings and funerals, with our children as lullabies, and at a grandparent's deathbed. They are songs that have been sung by people of all nationalities and backgrounds—some of them for hundreds of years. We thought it timely to release these songs as a reminder to what people of Christian faith have sung for generations, and as we, The Sing Team, have ourselves also chosen to “Sing On.”