Gospel Song Union is a community of like-minded writers and leaders who have one thing in mind: legacy. Our hope is to be a contributor to the living hymnal of songs that has been healthily growing for centuries. We aim, first and foremost, to be a resource community for you, the church. Our top priority is to provide as many musical resources as possible, all written by our current bands.

We know what it’s like to wish there were more resources out there to help prepare our teams and bands for leading the local church in singing.  Over the next year, expect to see everything from chord charts, to how-to videos, to blogs written by worship leaders like you. We hope you find encouragement as leaders share how Gospel Song Union’s music is serving their churches all over the world, from Oklahoma City to Sydney, Australia.

And this is just the beginning. By God's grace, our hope is that this simple list of songs will only multiply, serving the church today and in generations to come as more bands, writers, and leaders like you contribute.