This Is Not A Resurrection


We’ve been praying and dreaming about this for a long time, and it’s humbling to think the day to begin this journey with you is finally here. Welcome to The Gospel Song Union, where it’s all about serving the global church and its leaders. This is a resource community for any and all who have a desire to participate in leading God’s people in singing. You don’t have to be in vocational ministry, or even be a great singer, for this service to mean something to you. You’ve come to for a reason and, if it’s in search of music resources, we hope to faithfully serve you today and in the future.

We’ll be the first to tell you we don’t have everything figured out, which is why we want this to be a place where you help call the shots. You know what you need better than we do, so rather than give you what we think will be helpful, we want to dedicate time to providing resources that we know will be helpful. We can’t promise you the moon, but we can promise you we’ll continually work hard to provide resources, through our Gospel Song Union bands, that equip you and complement each other.

Now, it’s important to recognize where we come from and where our motivation is. Gospel Song Union is not a resurrecting of Mars Hill Music. While Mars Hill may have died as an organization, the music never did, and the work God started in it only continues to increase. Yes it’s a new name, but it’s also a renewed vision that comes with hindsight. As brothers and sisters, we have far more that unifies us than divides us, and we want to be a community that focuses primarily on what we have in common, namely the glorious gospel of Jesus.

After all, it’s the gospel that declares the love of God for sinners and sufferers. It’s the gospel that sings the praises of a gracious, mighty, and most worthy King. It's the gospel that reminds us who we are: beloved kids. It’s the gospel that unites young with old, every race with every gender, broken sinners with needy saints. The Gospel Song Union is all about the gospel. Jesus loves you. Jesus loves us. Jesus loves the world so much He died for it. 

So we’re going to sing about it, and write about it, and arrange music for it. We couldn’t be more excited to share these songs with you, and we hope they’ll be a blessing to your community. It’s an honor to serve Jesus and His church together. 

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